Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers associates more than 80 companies. Among them are the biggest construction companies which performed about 70% of main contracts conclude in the Polish construction mark. It is a country-wide organisation. We associate construction contractors, construction materials manufacturers, specialist design and geodetic companies, developers and others related to the construction industry (due to their size). We are an organisation expressing the community opinion on neGovernment, the Parliament, Trade Unions and the EU structures.

Our primary aims

• We provide opinions on legal provisions regarding construction and economic activity in the country.

• Upon member’s request, we intervene in their issues at state administration bodies.

• We implement legal protection in proceedings regarding public procurement in tenders participated by our members.

• We grant the „Developer Certificate”

· We conduct specialist training and seminars for the officers, managers and employees of companies.

· We represent the interests of Polish construction industry employers before the Trilateral Commission and Seym Commissions.

· We organise national and international conferences.

· We publish the „Budownictwo Polskie” (Polish Building Industry) magazine.

PZPB and vocational education

Our activity supports vocational education entities and technical colleges: cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology, University of Management and Law. We provide activity regarding vocational technical schools, we create EU projects aiming at vocational education reactivation.

We warmly invite to join us.