POLISH ASSOCIATION OF CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY EMPLOYERS is an organization associated various entities related with construction branch. PZPB is the biggest employers association in Poland. Among PZPB?s members are the biggest construction companies. PZPB is the most recognized and acclaimed organization related with construction branch in Poland.

Terms of membership and membership fee

In order to become PZPB?s member it is necessary to fill in membership declaration and candidate form. Additionally KRS, short company description is required to submit. All documents have to be delivered to PZPB?s office via post or in person. PZPB council, upon prior documents approval, takes decision about new member accession to PZPB basis on the specific resolution.

Membership fee:

1.    Microenterprise: employment: up to 10 employees ? fee rate:  2.000 PLN; payment in two installments every six months.

2.    Small enterprise: employment up to 50 employees a year ? fee rate 3.500 PLN; payment in two installments every six months.

3.    Medium sized enterprise: employment up to 250 employees a year ? fee rate 8.600 PLN; payment in four installments every three months.

4.    Large enterprise: employment over 250 employees a year ? fee rate 40.000 PLN:  payment in four installments every three months.

5.    Collective member  ? fee rate  1.000 PLN; payment in advance once a year.

6.    Registration fee ? 1.000 PLN; payment in advance once a year.

Main advantages of being PZPB?s member. What PZPB offer to its members:

  1. Possibilities to take part in conferences, seminars and other events concerning current construction branch problems
  2. Possibilities to become part of the construction cluster
  3. Take advantage of free of charge initiatives organized by PZPB: open source training tools, consultation with other members and organizations
  4. Take advantage of HR portal managed by PZPB www.bycbudowlancem.pl
  5. Possibilities to issue collective appeals concerning public procurements in front of KIO
  6. Possibilities of taking part in various works aiming to improve relations between companies in construction branch together with other members e.g. ethical code
  7. Active participation in legislation processes in terms of public investments related construction
  8. Support for SME?s
  9. All members are constantly informed about construction branch situation and actions taken by PZPB via newsletter and project website www.pzpb.com.pl
  10. PZPB is constantly present on Internet portals  and in nationwide press.
  11. All members have ability to issue their own proposals and initiatives.
  12. Competitive prices of training